Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry is a non-profit organisation and we are committed to achieving our goal of phasing out mercury dental amalgams, Australia wide and globally. By doing this we hope to reduce the widespread negative impact dental amalgam has on people's health and our precious environment.

However, there are substantial costs incurred in running this campaign. Our volunteers behind the organisation have devoted their own time and resources to educate about the dangers of mercury dental amalgams and ensure it is finally phased out. This is not a short term goal. We have to make sure the phasing out of dental amalgam actually occurs - even under a change of government. The removal of mercury contamination of the environment caused by dental amalgams will take at least two generations to complete. Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry is committed to reaching this end point, ensuring a safer and healthier world for future generations.

There is no joining fee to become a member of Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry, instead we ask for a small donation - it all helps. So for those who support our cause we ask you to please make a donation into the account below via bank deposit or click on the Paypal Donate button below.

ACCOUNT NAME: Australians for Mercury Free Dentistry Inc
BSB: 083 170
Account Number: 115672640
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